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Recently we met an amazing couple from Canada who are currently travelling the world on their BMW motorcycles. We had the privilege of spending some good quality time with them and showing them how adventure riding is done here in Brisbane. I asked Becky if she wouldn’t mind telling us a bit about herself and how her motorcycling adventure began.

So here is Becky’s story:

Country of Origin – Canada Age – 39 years Age started riding motorcycles – 32 years

What made you start riding

Always loved bikes, but it wasn’t until I rode 3500 kms in 4 days on the back of my husband’s bike that I decided to get my own. I literally got off the bike and said, “f this, I’m getting my own bike.” I know there are a lot of women that love being on the back of the bike, but it wasn’t for me.  My husband may have helped me get started, but I’ve definitely taken on riding as my own thing.  I have my own riding friends and we take our own women’s trips.

First Bike - Latest Bike

I’ve owned and still own 2 bikes, which are exactly the same bike.  2006 & 2007 BMW F 650 GS’s.  I’m either a creature of habit or I know what I like.  The 06 was my first bike and I had it shipped from the USA to Canada (back when our dollar was better).  It was a great bike to learn on, although I kinda wish I would have bought something a little less expensive to learn dirt, but it’s only money. Lol…

I wanted a ninja when I was young, because who didn’t want a ninja in the 90’s, but when I talked to my husband and he asked what kind of bike I wanted, I only had one idea in mind.  BMW on road/off road.  I liked the idea of being able to do it all.  Long road trips or head up the mountains if you wanted.  Also the idea of round the world travel was appealing.  So thank goodness he purchased is first GS shortly after me.  It opened up a whole new world of riding for us.

Funny side note: my Canadian bike’s name is Jack and I ended up purchasing my Australian bike from someone who named her Jackie.  Two bikes, same model, same colour same name.

I have to give it to BMW, they make one tough bike.  Even though I’m not an expert on dirt, trails, hills, water crossings, etc. those bikes really hold up.  They really do take a beating and keep on ticking.

Favorite type of riding

I like all of them.  The best part about riding the GS is that I get to hit a beautiful twisty highway then head off up a mountain on a trail to a hot spring.  I haven’t got into racing or single track dirt biking, but there’s always time.

Favorite place to ride your bike

I don’t know yet, we haven’t finished our world trip.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, there are beautiful places all over the world, but some highlights for me have been touring through Australia in the blue mountains, the coastline of Croatia and the mountains in BC, Canada. You are always partial to your home, probably because you know it better and have more time to explore, but my favorite thing is picking a mine, or a hot spring in the BC mountains and making that the goal for the day.  On highways, trails, logging roads, however, you have to get there.

How do you feel when you ride

As someone once said, riding a motorbike is the difference between watching a movie and staring in it. Nothing beats being on your bike on a sunny day with your favorite play list playing in your ears.  Being on a bike allows you to feel the air around you, smell the smells in the area and hear whatever is going on. It’s a full sensory experience.  And when you are on the bike and everything is working and you hit those corners, it’s like dancing with your bike, on and off road.

Why the passion

It’s hard to explain. I’ve never experienced anything else that is as challenging and fun, where you can get scared, crash, cry and get back on for more.  Even after almost 3 months of riding the bike almost every day, I still wake up and can’t wait to get on my bike.

It’s also the community though.  You will find all over the world, the motorbike community is one of the kindest, friendliest, helpful communities you will ever be a part of.  And I doesn’t matter what type of bike. I do have to say that the women’s motorbike community and especially the women’s off-road community is one I never expected.  It is amazing how much support and how many friendships you can find in these communities, with little judgement.

What is good about the motorcycle lifestyle

What isn’t good about the motorcycle lifestyle?  Lol… Since I don’t really do the ride to work thing I’ll talk about the motorcycle travel lifestyle.  Travelling on a motorbike allows you a lot of opportunities you would probably never experience as either a backpacker or in a different vehicle.  Like I mentioned earlier, you really get to experience more of the scenery around you, you can go places other tourists can’t go and funnily enough repairs, breakdowns and other issues provides you a great opportunity to connect with other riders or locals in a much more in depth way.  Something about the challenges you face as a motorbiker really brings people together.

Any tips for other riders (eg ladies wanting to ride but still deciding)

Try it.  Just try it.  Go find a riding school, get a bike that YOU feel comfortable on, and get rid of the expectation.  I had the biggest fear of dumping my bike when I first started.  The problem is, you are almost 100% going to dump your bike.  It happens, it’s ok. Buy a cheap bike to start off with, one you are not worried about getting scratched up, especially if you start off-roading.  Allow yourself the opportunity to make mistakes.  If you can become ok with that, you will be happier and progress much quicker.

Anything else you would like people to know about you or motorcycles

Gear is important.  I am not one of those people that can get on my bike without proper gear.  I see people in shorts and flip flops riding around on their bike.  I know it may be hot, but I will put on my whole get up in +35 weather any day of the week.  I like my skin that much!

We love hearing about our customers stories and sharing them throughout the industry. If you would like to be featured or know someone who deserves recognition in anyway please drop us a line via our Contact Us page

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