Need help transporting your Motorcycle

Motorcycle breakdown services we recommend

If your stuck on the side of the road and your bike won’t run we can help get you going.

We recommend contacting:

APEX Motorcycle Towing – 0410 778 039

We have been recommending Apex to customers for years and they are very happy with the service they provide.

We cover the most common causes for a motorcycle breakdown, including:

  • flat battery
  • engine failure
  • flat tyres
  • alternator or starter motor fault, and more.

If we cannot get you going straight away we can provide a loan bike free of charge.

To keep your motorbike in top shape follow these simple maintenance rules and reduce your chance of needing larger repairs.

  1. Keep your battery charge topped up. Check out the right battery charger for your bike.
  2. Adjust and lube your drive chain.
  3. Keep your engine oil topped up.
  4. Inflate tyres to their correct pressure weekly.
  5. Change filters and spark plugs when they’re due.

Following motorbike maintenance will help keep your bike in good condition. This means you’re less likely to need to be towed when you’ve had a breakdown, saving you time and money.