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Michelin tyres will be 100% sustainable by 2050

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Nearly 30%* of the components used in the manufacture of tyres produced by the Michelin Group are already made from natural, recycled or otherwise sustainable raw materials.

The Michelin Group  have announced its commitment to making its tyres 100% sustainable by 2050.


A Michelin tyre is a high-tech product comprising more than 200 ingredients. The main one is natural rubber, but the many ingredients also include synthetic rubber, metal, fibers and components that strengthen a tyre’s structure, like carbon black, silica and plasticizers (resins, etc.). Incorporated in perfect proportions, these materials interact to deliver an optimal balance of performance, driveability and safety, while steadily reducing the tyre’s environmental impact.

Michelin reveals how to make a tyre 100% sustainable

Check out the video showing you the recipe

Michelin is committed to ensuring that all tyre components are ultimately sustainable. To achieve this, Michelin is leveraging its advanced technological maturity in high-tech materials and its own technology incubator.

Michelin has also undertaken to use as little material as possible in its tyres in order to maximize performance and efficiency. The aim is to limit the impact of tyres on the planet’s resources and improve their rolling resistance, thereby lowering CO2 emissions.

An objective being met with powerful R&D capabilities….

Michelin’s maturity in materials technology stems from the strength of its R&D capabilities, which are supported by 6,000 people working in seven research and development centers around the world and mastering 350 areas of expertise. The commitment of these engineers, researchers, chemists and developers has led to the filing of 10,000 patents covering tyre design and manufacturing. They work hard every day to find the recipes that will improve tyre safety, durability, ride and other performance features, while helping to make them 100% sustainable by 2050.

We will keep you updated on Michelin’s progress and look forward to seeing Michelin achieve their goal of 100% sustainable tyres by 2050.

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