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Just Released MICHELIN Road 5 GT Tyres

Introducing the latest from Michelin. The Michelin Road 5 GT is designed for long-distance touring enthusiasts, offering  maximum stability for heavy motorbikes, including a duo use, with luggage.

The Michelin Road 5 GT tyres are ideal for those riders looking for  safety, comfort, long life, stability and sheer riding enjoyment irrespective of the conditions. You can also use it for daily commuting in all weather, even when 50% worn you will experience exceptional breaking in the wet.

Michelin Road 5 GT Features

Developed in exactly the same spirit and to the same rigorous standards as the MICHELIN Road 5, the GT version packs the technological advances that are a hallmark of the other tyres that make up the Road 5 range.

The MICHELIN Road 5 GT places the emphasis on performance, notably on wet roads, along with stability and efficient braking, especially in instances where riders are caught out by poor weather.

Michelin Road 5 GT Price

Front and Rear package deals starting from $549.90 including FREE fitting and balancing by qualified technicians.

Don’t live in Brisbane? No worries, we’re also offering flat rate $20 SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE.

Michelin Road 5 GT Sizes

The new Michelin Road 5 Gt is available in 6 sizes, including two front options and four rear sizes.

View the full range here or call us on 07 3205 6505 to purchase and book in for your FREE fitting!

Best New Touring Motorcycle Tyre

The new MICHELIN Road 5 GT tyre: The road tyre for fans of motorcycle touring, designed for long-distance touring enthusiasts.

Benefits of Michelin Road 5

Why choose the Michelin Road 5 GT tyres?

  1. #1 for wet grip on the road – MICHELIN Road 5 tyres offer superior wet weather grip versus leading competitors due to patented MICHELIN XST Evo siping and our latest 2CT and 2CT+ tread compounds
  2. Even after 3,500 miles, experience exceptional braking in the wet, even after 3,500 miles, MICHELIN Road 5 tyres stop as short as new MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyres thanks to evolutionary MICHELIN XST Evo sipes
  3. Maxium stability, more confidence in all conditions, even when 50% worn.
  4. Fun to ride, enjoy better dry grip, improved stability and handling versus MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyres thanks to Michelin’s patented ACT+ casing technology for even more riding pleasure.


Buy Michelin Road 5 GT

Call us on 07 3205 6505 to book in and be one of the first to experience the Michelin Road 5 GT for yourself.


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